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Airplanes, Limousines and Buses

No matter how many people your plane seats, it’s the condition and comfort of those seats that makes all the difference. Even minor blemishes can detract from your passengers’ experience. Furniture Medic of Kingston offers a number of services, including leather and upholstery repair as well as filling and spring adjustments that help revive any airplane interior.

Furniture Medic of Kingston Airplanes


Everything about these vehicles embodies the very definition of luxury. No one wants to book a limousine company whose cars have scratches, tears and uncomfortable seating. Furniture Medic of Kingston offers woodwork as well as leather and upholstery repairs to ensure your business looks its best.

Furniture Medic of Kingston Limousines

Furniture Medic of Kingston Buses

Bus rides are usually for those who enjoy all the open road has to offer. But cracked or damaged seats and armrests can take all the fun out of the trip. Furniture Medic of Kingston can provide you with the solution to undo the damage to your interior. We're also equipped to fix the mechanism to recline a seat, saving you the cost of replacement.

When it comes to luxury and travel, your customers deserve to experience the best. Contact us today at 613-888-1810 and let us bring out the best in your vehicle’s interior.