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RVs and Boats

Whether it’s the open road or water, nothing beats that feeling of freedom you get as a boat or RV owner. When worn interiors begin to show their miles, Furniture Medic of Kingston can help.

Let our experienced wood restoration experts assess any damage and repair it on-site.

Furniture Medic of Kingston RVs and Boats

Furniture Medic of Kingston RV

These road warriors log considerable hours and after all those cross-country adventures, things definitely need freshening up. Countertops, walls, and upholstery on chairs or beds can show wear and tear. We’ll take care of any interior damage or restoration needs on-site to ensure you get back on the open road in your perfect home away from home.


High seas can cause a lot of damage to the interior of your boat. Keep your image afloat with the help of our talented team at Furniture Medic of Kingston. We’ll repair any interior damage right on-site. From scratches or torn upholstery to structural damage of chairs, beds, tables and so much more, rest assured your boat is in the best hands. We can save you time and money by repairing instead of replacing damaged weatherworn components.

Furniture Medic of Kingston Boat

Furniture Medic of Kingston RV
Custom Canvas Boat Tops

Kingston has a rich marine heritage, which is why we're so proud to provide highly skilled marine canvas manufacturing and upholstering services. Not only do we repair marine canvas for yachts, power boats, pontoon boats, runabouts, fishing boats, and sailing ships, we also specialize in building custom canvas boat tops, boat covers, and marine upholstery. Whatever you need, we're here to help keep your boats in tip-top shape.

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